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Shredder Express

is your professional and reliable partner for the permanent and efficient destruction of sensitive business documents and papers - 24/7!

We have a fleet of sophisticated high tech shredding trucks that enable us to destroy documents as well as information carrier devices at your company premises. The documents are completely and permanently destroyed onsite. Once destroyed it is impossible to retrieve the original documents.

There are no offsite deliveries, loading or storage issues for you to be concerned about. Your documents remain at your premises until fully destroyed. The document destruction is done onsite using our purpose built shredding trucks. We use a powerful confetti-cut shredding machine which is independently powered by our trucks.

We offer two kinds of shredders:

1. Security level 3 EN, shreds up to 3,000 kg in hour. Video >>>

Every year, as part of a rapidly growing trend, companies around the globe lose billions in revenue due to sensitive document theft or misuse. Don’t let sensitive information be leaked from your organization. Protect your confidential documents.

Whether your organization is a FORTUNE 500 COMPANY or a small family business, Shredder Express is the perfect solution for you.

For additional information please contact us by dialing +7 812 927 70 91. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer any of your questions.