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Because of our extensive business experience in Russia, we have become very familiar with the problem of overfilled archives and desks laden with papers.

We also know how problematic and troublesome it can be to destroy outdated documents, especially if they need to be destroyed quickly and efficiently without significant expense.

How often does this happen:

  • A truck full of folders and loose-leaf binders are offloaded at a suburban dump
  • Documents disappear on the way to be destroyed
  • Your documents are not adequately secured from outsiders
  • You can't control where, how and if your papers are actually destroyed
  • Information get into the hands of your competitors
  • Waste bins, before being emptied, are looked through by someone
  • Documents reappear again after a long time and are used against you

Shredder Express employees follow strict European standards of quality and reliability. We offer our clients the highest measure of security and peace of mind.

Our document shredding service will free your business of the extra cost and burden of waste removal. Paper recycling also helps the environment. Professional disposal of your unneeded documents is the best way to ensure that you and your business adequately secured.