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Our Document Shredding Service

Whether your company business is insurance, finance, law, motor vehicles or chain stores Shredder Express provides the perfect solution for any organization.

Our unique mobile shredding service allows you to save time and money and helps free you of outdated loose-leaf binders and folders, cassettes or disks by destroying them completely.

Shredder Express lets the customer monitor the shredding process. You can personally shred your most secret and confidential documents using our equipment.

You only need to call once

  • Has the mandated legal storage time for your documents passed?
  • Are you now free to destroy some of your documents?
  • Are your archives and cabinets stuffed to capacity with unused and outdated documents?

Call us and we'll meet with you for a consultation at your convenience. Our team will take the documents you select directly to our onsite shredding truck; destroying them on the spot.


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